2024 BYD Yangwang U8 – China’s Craziest and Luxury SUV!


China’s BYD revealed its Yangwang U8 SUV at the Geneva car show. This luxury plug-in hybrid SUV is special because it can float in water if there’s an accident involving water.
It’s a heavy SUV, weighing around 3.5 metric tons, and it has four electric motors – one in each wheel. This allows it to do cool things like park sideways and make a complete turn in one spot.

Right now, this SUV is only available in China, but BYD might sell it in other places in the future. However, they might make some changes to the SUV before selling it in Europe. BYD has already sold over 3,600 U8 SUVs in China since November, and it costs around $152,550. They also introduced the Yangwang U9 sports supercar in China, with pre-orders starting at $240,000.

BYD is thinking about selling its luxury Yangwang brand in Europe, but they’re mainly focused on their electric and hybrid cars and launching their premium Denza brand for now.