Tesla Cybertruck v Hummer EV: DRAG RACE


Mat has returned to the Tesla Gigafactory in Austin Texas, and he’s got his hands on the all-new Cybertruck! So of course, you know what that means… It’s drag race time! Naturally, there was only one competitor that we had to compare this all-electric pick-up to – the Hummer EV! The question is, which will come out on top? Well, let’s check out the stats. Starting with the Cybertruck, it rolls up equipped with three electric motors, and they combine to produce 845hp and 930Nm of torque.

The starting price of the dual-motor edition is around $49,000, but for this tri-motor Cyberbeast edition, it’ll cost you around $96,000! In terms of weight, the Cybertruck tips the scales at just over 3 tonnes. Think that’s heavy? Well, that’s nothing compared to the Hummer, which comes in at 4,110kg!! Just like the Tesla, the Hummer is equipped with three motors, but it’s also up on power, producing 1,014hp and 1,485Nm!

The price is also slightly higher than the Cybertruck, coming in at around £109,000. So how will this one play out? Will the extra tonne of weight prove decisive? There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!