Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla is top-notch, predicted reliability, advanced safety features, the fit, some of the other compact cars, good fuel economy and a comfortable interior.

With this kind of practical, everyday appeal, it’s no wonder that Toyota sold more than a million Corollas worldwide each year.
The Toyota Corolla is a Good car?

Even with these impressive sales figures, the crown sits midpack in our compact car rankings. This is because, while auto journalists pan Corolla for its lackluster performance, the buyers a reliable commuter partners with good long-term value. The Corolla has some of the best reliability and crash-test ratings in the class, as well as an advanced standard safety features that other compact car competitors not to compete. It is not the cheapest car in the class, but for the money, you buy a car, you don’t really have to think – and this is what many people want.
I want a Toyota Corolla to Buy?

Clearly, the Corolla is a smart choice, if you value safety and reliability. However, if you want your car to do more than safe, practical and reliable, you can, better than the Corolla. The Honda Civic has achieved more space than the Corolla, high security, and it is more fun to drive. So the Hyundai Elantra, which beats the Corolla’s fuel economy ratings. When it comes to the Corolla, millions of car-buyers are not wrong – it is a fine commuter car. In the small car class, however, “perfectly fine” does not cut it. Keep the Toyota Corolla on your shopping list, but make sure you consider the other cars that are out there.

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