Renault Duster 2018 : Price, Specs, Engine

Renault Duster 2018 will grow. It’s not about the price – it will grow in length! Perhaps, it will become a seven-seat vehicle just to have fans delighted. It feels like the French are actually working on the new generation of the crossover, in which many things will change. It seems that they’ve just decided they’re capable of meeting the needs of the maximum number of drivers.

Renault duster reviews

2018 will bring drastic changes. In the top management of Renault-Nissan huge efforts are being made to bring the future crossover to the top sales. By the way, in the European market it’s known as Dacia.

There’s a bunch of spy pictures on which one can draw preliminary conclusions. It should be noted that, according to other sources, the new “stuffing” of the Duster is being tested in the old body. However, such things as the updated form of the rear lights as well as the increased size of the air intake in the front bumper can’t be unnoticed.

Most likely the premiere of the new Duster will take place at the Frankfurt am Main Motor Show in September this year, so it’s not long to wait.

2018 Renault Duster review: what’s new?

The fresh car is still, like its predecessor, viewed as a car specially designed for a comfortable ride on dusty roads. At least it follows from the name of the vehicle. In its next incarnation, based on information from insiders, the Duster will be moderately extended, thus enabling engineers to place an extra row of seats in the passenger compartment. However, it’s going to be presented as an extra option, at the request of the consumer, who would be willing to buy such equipment for his car.

Brief information about the Duster model

Before we tell you in all detail why the new Renault deserves praise, following the tradition we will plunge into history. The initial stage of the development of the Duster model is rooted in 2009. Initially, it came out exclusively in the markets of Europe and solely under the Dacia brand, but then sales expanded.

In 2014, a significant event burst out – the millionth Renault Duster came off the assembly line. As the car maker states, the new Duster will be seen in Brazil in a few months.

There is a kind of rebranding, when the same model is sold under different brands in one country. So, the Duster might be either the Dacia Duster or the Nissan Terrano. In general, the first of these vehicles is quite similar to Renault, while the second is a bit different from the “Frenchman”. However, it’s no secret that the Duster is built around the modified platform of the Nissan B0.

Exterior Renault Duster 2018

Well, we’ve just finished with a brief presentation of the changes and immersion in the history of the development of the model. Now it’s time to take a more detailed look at the vehicle. Let’s see what has changed in the car in comparison with its predecessor. The 2018 Renault Duster will be in the new body as follows from spy photos. It’s evident there’s some elongation of the body. They say the new car will acquire up to 15 cm in length.

The pictures show that when designing an updated version of the crossover, the engineers were mainly guided by the past merits of the Duster Oroch pickup truck. All the massiveness or in other words “masculinity” of the predecessor has become an integral part of the Duster. However, it’s still unconfirmed information, although at the same time, no one says that it’s meaningless.

In addition to the impressive exterior, the car also boasts an exceptional accuracy of its appearance. Perhaps, it is not visible in the pictures, but insiders claim that the car will come with improved visibility. Extra structural elements will also enhance the overall attractiveness of the model. For instance, these are railing and thresholds that turned to be wider than those of the previous version. They will also feature an improved anti-slip system.

News, interior and specs

Interior Renault Duster 2018

Inside the cabin there are also remarkable features. Evidently, many of the details that make up the interior of the Duster in its new incarnation, you could see earlier in the Orokh. For example, it’s the dashboard. On these renderers, one can see how highly praised controls of the pickup have perfectly fitted the crossover.

As some reporters state, the multimedia system will expand its functionality. For example, the driver will be able to control the playback of musical compositions by voice. However, this nuance is still unconfirmed.

In our review special attention should be paid to a completely new technology of the design of seats. It isn’t known yet whether the Duster will become seven-seat or not, but even if so, the third row of seats will grow in volume.  What does it mean? All the seats installed in the cabin are assembled and placed according to a new technology developed by French specialists. Surely there were a lot of adoptions from the Oroch pickup.

The question of the free space of the luggage compartment is still actual. Most likely, its area can be increased by removing the third row of seats. Moreover, we shouldn’t forget that the car grew by 15 cm in length, hence, the luggage compartment increased its volume too.

Specifications of the updated crossover

The latest news tells that the new 2018 Duster will acquire a brand new turbo diesel.  The volume of the power plant will be 1.6 liters. As for the maximum power of the engine it will be 130 horsepower. What’s really interesting is that the model with a 1.6-liter engine will come with a variable drive, although optionally. Previously the variable drive was installed only on 2.0-liter engines as well as lux versions of the Duster.

2018 Renault Duster engine

Duster-friendly regular diesel and carburetor powerplants motors have been drastically refined by the French specialists. Some insiders claim that the next gen Duster will boast up two hundred horsepower due to the most powerful engine. However, no one knows this engine yet. We only can trust these words or not.

Couclusion renault duster

Depending on a complete set, the cost of a car model of Duster of 2018 will be established around 15 000 – 17 000 dollars. The beginning of sales — approximately the end 2017 or the first half of the year 2018.

Conclusion: what should we expect from the 2018 Renault Duster?

  • Fresh exterior and interior;
  • Improved comfort;
  • A more spacious interior and an increased volume of the luggage compartment;
  • Many options are included in the basic configuration, and they don’t require extra payment;
  • Improved rear-view mirrors.