Toyota Camry

The midsize sedan segment is the star student gets extra credit after the last updates stylish new sheet metal, interior, appealing driving dynamics and a new special edition with more audio and multimedia options for 2017.

But the priorities, brought it to the head of the class is to remain unadulterated. The Toyota Camry is still a comfortable mid-size sedan backed by an unassailable reputation for quality and value.
On the driver’s seat

Of our 2017 Toyota Camry review: “thanks to the revised suspension tuning that came with the 2015 refresh, the latest Camry sedan delivers a lively driving experience. But not to be confused with the Camry for a corner-carver: the focus remains quiet and comfortable road manners.”

Camry Camry or Hybrid?

Lower gas prices have not only reduced at-the-pump savings for the Camry Hybrid compared to its gas-only counterpart, by extension, you have values, and negatively affects its resale. According to our recent calculations, the Camry Hybrid makes financially sense only for serious road warriors a lot more than 15,000 km per year. However, if exhaust emissions are your main concerns, it was 40-mpg Camry Hybrid is so attractive, as always.

Owners Advise

Camry-owners and KBB.com visitors Terry is happy with the Camry, says: “I must say a very good car with a few minor problems. I love the look of the car and the way he drives. The petrol consumption is very good (better than my Corolla 1993), with an overall average of 30.4 mpg, but I’ve gotten mileage as high as 34 mpg.” But he has a few gripes: “My car came with Bridgestone tires that are pretty loud…My other Problem is the AC is. When you get to the switch from outside air to recirculate in the wrong way, you will have a musty odor.” Read more reviews of the Toyota Camry.

First Look: 2018 Toyota Camry

The completely redesigned eighth generation 2018 Toyota Camry is roomier inside and more economical. There are new engines, a new chassis and a extended list of security features, including the Toyota safety sense suite, standard on all models. The new Camry is expected to go on sale in late summer.

Build and price

Opening at just under $24,000, each model of 2017 Toyota Camry (and Camry Hybrid) is the same price as last year, but still with the highest price in the segment. It commands a $715 premium over the base version of the Honda Accord, about $1,100 over the Mazda6, and more than $1,300 over the Hyundai Sonata. A fully loaded Camry XLE runs about $ 35,000. Build and price unlock a 2017 Toyota Camry right here at kbb.com to Have its Fair purchase price, 5-year cost, and more.

More Mid-Size Sedans

2017 Toyota Camry can rounded the best the most attractive ever, but our mid-sized sedan Buyer’s Guide is filled with overlooked with attractive alternatives, you don’t want to, before you make your final decision.