Top-10 the most expensive automobile brands in 2017

The British analytical agencies WPP and Kantar Millward Brown published the annual rating of hundred most expensive world brands. We, as always, were interested in an automobile part of the reserch.

The BrandZ Global Top 100 rating is made by the British experts on the basis of inquiry more than 3 million consumers worldwide and considers various financial performance of the companies as well. The first five in an overall classification in 2017 was predictably occupied by the IT companies: Google (245,581 billion dollars), Apple (234,671), Microsoft (143,222), Amazon (139,286), Facebook (129,800).

It is curious that the cost of each has grown in comparison with last year.
The most expensive automobile brand, as well as a year ago, I became Toyota, however in the overall ranking it lost two positions and now is in the 30th place, estimated cost at the same time was reduced from 29,501 billion to 28,660 billion dollars.

The second place in an automobile segment remained for BMW, however the cost of the German brand dropped by 8% at once (see the table below).

The largest growth trace at the Tesla company (+32%) which was placed on the eighth place, Land Rover and Porsche has sharply added the taking ninth and tenth places.

Top-10 the most expensive automobile brands in 2017

Brand Cost in 2017, one billion US dollars Changes of the cost in comparison with 2016
1 Toyota 28,660 —3%
2 BMW 24,559 —8%
3 Mercedes-Benz 23,513 +4%
4 Ford 13,065 0%
5 Honda 12,163 —8%
6 Nissan 11,341 —1%
7 Audi 9,393 —1%
8 Tesla 5,876 +32%
9 Land Rover 5,534 +17%
10 Porsche 5,141 +16%