Watch Tesla Model 3 Race Ford Mustang GT

Recently there was published a new video on YouTube featuring Tesla Model 3 and Mustang GT. Both cars participated in a kind of racing, occurred on the streets of Mexico. Actually, that was not a real race, but a pre-racing event in anticipation of the upcoming quarter-mile track race. The autos started the challenge together at a green light and accelerated to the maximum, so no road rules were broken at all.


This Tesla Model 3 zips past a Mustang GT with ease

If you are admiring the electric cars or have some knowledge about their torque, then you should not wonder that Model 3 has outdone Mustang in this sprint, as it is surely equipped better for that kind of competitions.

According to the official specs provided by the manufacturers of Tesla and Mustang, the latter model of 2015 should easily leave Tesla behind in this race. 2015 Mustang GT model is famous for its quick start (0-60-mph acceleration in 4.4-seconds). Tesla Model 3 does the same in 5.1 seconds. However, Model 3’s great torque is the best advantage for a driver, who has pulled the accelerator pedal down.

The authors shot the race using GoPro Hero 6 in the sports mode. However, the quality of the video is not so good due to YouTube’s limitations that has limited the resulting file quality. The video is not an official one, neither it has been an official race. It is just a teaser to an upcoming quarter-mile track race. So will are waiting for a new clip!