2018 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Review: Specs

Mustang shelby GT500 review

The GT500 is rumored to have a turbocharged V-8 with over 700 horsepower. Mustang introduced a new design language and its innovative platform featuring an independent rear suspension. The car has an updated engine lineup with a turbocharged EcoBoost engine. Now, it seems that a new performance-oriented version is underway.

2018 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 has a range of features unique from other models launched by this car maker. A new prototype offers many hints that allow consumers to look at a more powerful Mustang version. Its launch date is still unknown, but it’s expected to make a public debut very soon.


The GT500 borrows some body panels of the previous version, but it has many new and unique features. It’s a much more aggressive version and it has a special aero package. This high-performance coupe has a fixed-wing and large atop its trunk lid. Don’t forget about a massive splitter and a new bumper.

Its front fascia has larger bumper intakes and offers an improved main grille that allows more air into its engine. A bigger and stronger power-plant comes with an innovative hood fitted with a big power dome. 2018 Mustang Shelby GT500 also has new side skirts and an improved diffuser in addition to exclusive badged on all fenders. The package also includes a few extra exterior colors and different body stripe combinations to suit the needs of all consumers.

Interior and exterior review

The interior of the GT500 remains easily recognizable as Mustang, but it has a variety of unique features that differentiate it from other models. Its interior is based on the GT350 and uses similar door panels, dashboard, and center console while offering a number of innovative features. A steering wheel is sourced from the previous model, but an instrument cluster has bespoke gauges and its infotainment screen is updated accordingly.

Pay attention to special badges, sports seats, and unique upholstery with contrast stitching. The GT500 is not as track-oriented as the GT350, and this means that the new car offers specific convenience features that aren’t available in a standard Mustang version. For example, their list includes a sound system, air conditioning, a backup camera, rear seats, and so on.

Drivetrain, price and conclusion

What engine does a new Mustang have? It’s one of the biggest dilemmas surrounding the GT500 because it’s the most powerful factory-built Mustang version. Its engine has 8 cylinders and uses forced induction, so Ford decided to drop its twin-turbocharged engine. The car has a supercharged V-8 engine as a new drivetrain strategy. This is what makes the GT500 the only muscle car to benefit from turbocharging, and there are rumors that it has enough power to outrun the closets output competitors. Its estimates range up to 800 horsepower and this immense power is backed by a top-performance braking system hidden behind the plastic panels placed on rims.


The GT500 is expected to be the most expensive version of the 6-generation Mustang because it fetches around $70000. Another interesting fact is that Ford wants to build it in a limited number, and it will translate into unreasonable dealership fees.


The GT500 is one of the most anticipated versions of Mustang because of its high-performance engine and other unique features. The good news is that it’s set to return after a decision to discontinue it a few years ago. A new coupe is a massive departure from predecessors because of its turbocharged engine under a hood. Think about its improved performance and horsepower worth the estimated price.


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