The United States invented a way to go without traffic lights

Traffic lights are installed at crossroads to organize the movement and avoid traffic accidents. The drawback is that drivers have to stick waiting for the green light. The men in the US have figured out a way to get rid of forced idle times.

Employees of Carnegie Mellon University decided to use a system of data exchange between the vehicles and road infrastructure objects which will be widely adopted in several years. Using the known coordinates, speed, and movement direction of the other cars the computer can calculate the optimal speed and trajectory o pass the crossroad without stopping and creating any obstacle.

To onlookers the movement may seem chaotic. But supervision of smart electronics should help prevent any accidents. The developers have tested their system at the exit road from one of parking lots in Pittsburgh. The innovation can save up 20-30% of time.

However, the idea features a serious drawback. The pedestrians do not wear any electronic tags and remain “invisible” for the “electronic crossroad”. They should have a special traffic light cycle or be “removed” from the roads.

The developers propose to identify vehicle-less traffic participants using the signals from their smartphones.