BMW M5 F90 – new top-notch sedan: Specification, Price

In late August 2017, the Bavarian car maker rolled out its brand new top-notch sedan BMW M5 in the new F90 body. The debut BMW M5 F90 will take place in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show – just a year after the premiere of the fresh BMW 5-Series G30.

Top sedan BMW m5 review

From the regular BMW 5, the new vehicle can be distinguished by an aggressive front bumper with large air intakes, a hump on the hood, air intakes in the front fenders, a spoiler on the trunk lid and also a renewed rear bumper with a diffuser and four round exhaust pipes.

Besides this, the car also stands out with original rear-view mirrors, enlarged fenders,  a black carbon fiber roof, and 19-inch Orbit Gray wheels (275 / 40R19 in the front and 285 / 40R19 in the rear), behind which one can see blue brake calipers, not to mention exclusive options for painting the body.

In the interior of the BMW M5 2017 in the new F90 body we can notice sports seats, a steering wheel with two red buttons “M1” and “M2” (individual settings can be programmed on them), another transmission selector, metal patches on pedals and door sill plates, renewed graphics with a speedometer marked up to 330 km / h as well as Merino leather and carbon inserts as the car’s interior finish.

Specifications BMW M5 F90

Under the hood of the new BMW M5 F90 there’s an upgraded 4.4-liter V8 twin-turbo engine, whose horse power strengthened from 560 to 600. It also boasts 700 Nm of torque (ranging from 1,800 to 5,600 rpm). Unlike the previous powerplant, here we can see more efficient twin scroll turbochargers. Its boost pressure has been increased to 350 bar, cooling and lubrication systems have been changed too. Finally, we should also mention a lighter exhaust system with adjustable valve for sound adjustment.

Instead of the former pre-selective robotic gearbox (the manual gearbox  that was offered in the United States is no longer available), the engine gets along with the optimized eight-speed ZF automatic transmission and also the M xDrive all-wheel drive system, which ensures fuller implementation of all power just to go on a par with the E 63 W213.

The car maker labels the new all-wheel-drive system as “the most emotionally attractive”. It is equipped with an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch, which is locked in the range of 0-100% (at the push of a button it is possible to activate the rear-drive mode), and also an active rear M-differential. With a fully disengaged stabilization system, three operating modes are available: 4WD, 4WD Sport and 2WD.

Specs and price bmw m5

To accelerate from zero to 100 km/h, the new BMW M5 2018 only needs 3.4 seconds, which is 0.8 seconds faster than the predecessor, while it reaches 200 km/h for 11.1. The maximum speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h, but an optional M Driver’s package can remove the limit, enabling the driver to hit 305 km/h.

Many fans of this model worried that adding a full drive would make the M5 too heavy. However, as we see, the car weighs 1,855 kg versus 1,870 of its predecessor. If a potential owner is ready to shell out for costly carbon-ceramic brakes, the weight of the sedan can be reduced by another 23 kg. By the way, the base version has six-piston calipers in the front and the floating brace in the rear.

The overall length of the BMW M5 2018 is 4,965 mm (+55), the wheelbase is 2,982 (+ 18), the width is 1,903 (+12), the height is 1,473 (+ 16). Its ground clearance leapt to 132 millimeters (versus 117). For the engine adapted for the “Euro-6” average fuel consumption in the mixed cycle is claimed to be no more than 10.5 liters per hundred kilometers.

As for the chassis, there’s a dual-hanger suspension in the front of the sedan, while we see a multi-beam construction in the rear. The basic version comes with three-mode adaptive shock absorbers and a retuned electric power steering, which also has three modes. It should be noted that there are additional aluminum amplifiers in the front part of the body and also an X-shaped steel element for increasing the strength of the rear axle. Stabilizers of lateral stability became stiffer.



Packages and Prices

In September customers can start making their orders for the BMW M5 (F90). In Germany, the car price starts from 117,900 euros, and the first customers will receive their cars in the spring of 2018.

Having paid extra € 19 500, you can order a sedan in a special version of First Edition, whose production is limited to 400 cars. This version features a special matte shade Frozen Dark Red Metallic, 20-inch alloy wheels, a shadow line package, a special interior trim as well as a serial number plate.