The cars 2018 the buyers are the most satisfied with have been identified

In the U.S., analytical agency has carried out a survey among car owners to learn the new cars 2018 the Americans are most satisfied with.

American J. D. Power and Associates company specializing in independent surveys of customer satisfaction level has published a traditional rating of car brands whose products satisfy the customers to the greatest extent. About 70 thousand drivers who bought the car this year participated in the voting. In the survey, they evaluated their car by 77 parameters including: comfort, safety, fuel saving, etc.

According to a study called APEAL (abbreviation of “dynamics, quality and arrangement of the car”), owners of Genesis vehicles are the most satisfied with their cars. Korean premium brand scored 884 points out of 1000 possible. It should be mentioned this car brand has won the rating for the first time.

Last year’s winner Porsche took the second place (883 points). BMW with 863 points closes the Top-3. Lincoln and Mercedes-Benz (858 and 861 points, respectively) follow the leaders. Jeep (799), Mazda (798), and Mitsubishi (783) are at the bottom of this rating.

It should be noted that, according to the survey, local brands are not so popular among the American drivers. There are only Lincoln and Cadillac with the seventh and the eighth places respectively to see at the top positions.

American J. D. Power and Associates company has already published the annual ranking of brands with the highest quality and the most reliable cars. This list is also headed by Genesis company.